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Urban Archaeology has carved an enviable niche in the design world to become a leading design resource for new lighting, bath furnishings and tile. Urban Archaeology draws inspiration from roots in architectural salvage, summoning designs from the turn of the last century through to the modernist aesthetic of the mid-20th century. Inspired by the creativity and new technology today, new products have been added to the collection.

In the early 1970s founder, Gil Shapiro was at the forefront of the nascent salvaging movement; with a collector's eye and an entrepreneurial spirit he capitalized on the burgeoning home restoration movement and the growing trend in eclectic home décor, re-imagining architectural remnants in the home environment. He excelled at bringing a fresh perspective to pieces of historical and architectural importance.

Working with the company's industrial designers and a team of skilled craftsman, designers can customize products from Urban Archaeology's extensive collection or design new products to suit any space and creative vision.