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I love the quality and the design integrity of Urban Archaeology products but in these testing times there are projects where I have to source moderate priced alternatives – do you have a collection that suits a more modest design budget?

We understand that in these challenging economic times it is prudent to consider less expensive items for certain projects and here at Urban Archaeology good design and high prices are not mutually exclusive. Urban has such a wide variety of choices in lighting, accessories and tile that we can offer high quality products at prices to suit almost any budget.

As an example take a look at some of the suggestions below and, when you need to source other items, just give
us a call - our sales associates are here to help.


Low High

Napa Sconce $360

Metropolitan Sconce $640


Single Prismatic Standard $925

Warehouse Light Small $2140


1/2 x 1/2 Glass:
Low $13.20/sf   High $40.00/sf


Glass Sticks:
Low $33.00/sf   High $120.00/sf


4x4 Ceramic:
Low $13.00/sf   High $58.00/sf


3 x 6 White Tile:
Low $3.63/sf   High $61.60/sf


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